Risk Assessment & Consultancy

Fire Risk Assessments & Audits

It is a legal requirement for most premises (other than those occupied as single private dwellings) to have a current fire risk assessment under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Fire risk assessments and audits are undertaken in order to identify any areas within your building(s) which need to be addressed to create a safer environment and comply with current fire safety legislation.

Advantage of Lexicon Fire Systems completing your Fire Risk Assessment:

You will receive a clear report showing what action you need to take.

The action plan is provided within the fire risk assessment document detailing any significant findings and classifying them according to the level of risk. This will identify who is responsible and the degree of urgency with which these risks should be addressed.

All our reports are easy to follow and very user friendly.

Lexicon Fire Systems assessors gained their initial practical fire safety experience working within a local authority fire department for a minimum of four years. Our fire consultants gain their technical fire safety education by attending the formal fire safety courses held at the Fire Service College Moreton In Marsh and or, through the attainment of examinations and third party accreditation through the Institution of Fire Engineers.

This ensures that you can be safe in the knowledge that your consultant will be educated, have considerable practical experience, gained both in the commercial and public sectors, enabling us to offer you pragmatic and sensible fire safety advice.

We specialise in the following areas

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Safety Management Services

Fire Safety Legislation

Passive fire protection

Active fire protection is about detecting, stopping and escaping fire. Whereas passive fire protection means containing the fire and preventing it from spreading further.

Lexicon Fire Systems can offer services including installation of Passive Fire Protection (PFP) which includes fire doors, firestopping systems, intumescent coatings, sprayed cementitious and thermal coatings, all types of fire protection board, and soffit fire, thermal and acoustic lining systems.


Fire Compartmentation plays a critical role in the overall fire safety system of a building. The location of fire resisting partitions and doors are the fundamental basis of a ‘fire safe’ building, designed to restrict the growth and spread of fire, and are critical in maintaining safe escape routes. If you require confirmation of the integrity of your compartmentation, we can provide surveys with comprehensive reports. We use the Bolster System mobile app to provide a comprehensive survey so that information regarding potential remedial works required is recorded and all information is documented in a cloud-based database. Once a survey is complete, the system will generate a report and layout drawings of all findings for issue to the client.